What Home Improvements Help Sell a House?

What Home Improvements Help Sell a House?

Your home is one of the biggest investments you have made in your life. Think of it as a business. If you own a company, you would give your heart and soul out just to see it bloom and improve.

The same rule applies to houses. With time, materials deteriorate and trends change. You must follow up on the latest renovation trends and choose the ideal ones for your home. Obviously, everything depends on your budget and the neighborhood you live in.

However, recent statistics highlight some home improvements that have a high ROI and increase chances of success. To give you a heads up, here are the most popular remodeling ideas to consider before selling:

Windows and Doors

This renovation trend will never go out of fashion. In fact, research shows how new windows and doors are gaining more popularity each day. This is because modern homebuyers are mainly focused on curb appeal and energy efficiency, and these products improve both.

Garage door replacement has the highest ROI with an average of 98%. Authentic windows like bay and bow will also help sell your home since they add square footage, increase natural light, improve ventilation, and most importantly make your home stand out.

Curb Appeal

Apart from upgrading your windows and doors, curb appeal can be improved in many other ways. But, experts suggest putting focus on more important matters while improving curb appeal. So save up on those funky, expensive decorations and start to think like a utilitarian.

Fencing, gates, garden lights, exterior shutters, and front entrances are only a couple of projects that will change your curb appeal for the better. Homebuyers want a safe, beautiful and functioning home. With adding more security measures, you are increasing chances for a purchase.

Minor Bathroom Renovation

When somebody mentions home improvement, people instantly think of kitchens and bathrooms. These two areas are ones with the highest foot traffic and importance. It won’t matter that you have Scandinavian exterior shutters if the kitchen drains are constantly leaking.

Beware though since experts are against full and expensive kitchen and bathroom renovations. Those won’t add much to first impressions and will significantly tighten your budget. Instead, think small and focus on repainting and repair.

Small, affordable projects such as adding shiny countertops, repainting old cabinets, upgrading to energy-efficient appliances and improving natural light will do you more good than changing the entire bathroom.

More Square Footage

Your home’s price is calculated by the square footage. It is evident that adding more space will increase the value. But, instead of building extra rooms from scratch, think of more clever ways to accomplish the same thing. Here are some smart ideas:


  • Make an additional, fully functioning room out of your basement or attic
  • Add more footage to your deck and remember to make it noticeable
  • Create a sunroom in your home. It can even be used for indoor gardening
  • Install bay or bow windows which immediately increase the footage
  • Make an extra bedroom out of your deserted or unused rooms

Roof Upgrade

Home renovation trends change on an annual basis. If you regularly look at statistics, you will notice how roof replacement climbed up on the ROI scale and changed from “totally unadvisable” to “must do before selling”.

This has occurred due to the recent shifting of the buyers’ needs. We mentioned how curb appeal and energy efficiency are the two most important factors that can sell a home. Well, roofs largely influence both of those areas.

If you cannot afford a full replacement, at least consider doing some DIY renovations like moss and algae removal, fixing curly shingles, and replacing broken ones. In any case, make your roof look as best as you can before the doors open on viewing day.

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