How Does Insulation Conserve Energy?

How Does Insulation Conserve Energy?

Insulation significantly reduces the transfer of heat through surfaces like roofs, walls, attics, and ducts. A well-insulated home will require less energy to heat and cool since less warm air will leave during the winter and less cool air will during the summer. Your annual heating and cooling costs could drop by up to 20 percent if the insulation in older buildings is improved by insulation services.

Insulation and sealing off air leaks

If you have any holes or gaps around your windows or doors, the air within your home may still be able to escape even if your walls are well insulated. You will require more energy for heating and cooling if your home is exceptionally drafty than if it is tightly sealed. Spending some time and money to apply weather-stripping and caulk where necessary will help you save money. However, if you have an older home, you should be aware that due to the construction techniques utilized back then, it is very impossible to seal your house up tightly enough.

Attics, walls, and floor insulation

The exterior of your house serves as a barrier, preventing a temperature balance between the inside and outside of your house. You won’t need to use your cooling and heating systems nearly as much when your walls, roof, and floor are extremely well insulated. Because heat rises, you should pay particular attention to the quantity of insulation in your roof. This will aid in keeping the air within your house where you want it to stay—within your house.

Insulating and sealing ducts

You should keep an eye out for leaks in the ductwork of your home if it has central heating and air conditioning, as any of these can reduce the efficiency of your house by as much as 20%. In order to ensure that air is delivered to the places it needs to be as effectively as possible, it is crucial to ensure that all of your ducts are sealed and insulated. When your ducts go to unfinished portions of your house, having proper insulation is crucial (e.g. attic, basement). To prevent air from leaking behind walls or beneath floors, it’s crucial to seal off the regions around your registers.

The process of insulation can be complicated for many, that’s why there are companies and contractors that offer insulation services. Why not utilize this to promote energy efficiency in your home?