How Escape Rooms Can Help Your Team?

How Escape Rooms Can Help Your Team?

The escape room is more like a puzzle room with a themed challenge event where players come together to complete tasks and solve puzzles. If you are looking for some of the best activities to promote team building in a more fun and entertaining way, the escape room is your perfect choice.

With the advancement of technology, many escape rooms are conducted online as well. However, you can still opt for face-to-face if most team members prefer to do it that way. Escape rooms offer many benefits like enhancing communication, sharpening problem-solving skills, and others.

Continue reading to learn about the different benefits of Escape Rooms that can help your team.

Here is How Escape Rooms Can Help Your Team

Change in Location

The best thing about trying out escape rooms is that the team gets to bond in a new space. A change in the scenery and ambiance can help them feel comfortable and fresh. Also, since it is a group event, this change will help them gel better and work hand in hand, even if they had had arguments earlier.

Time Management

One of the critical ways escape room can help your team professionally is by keeping them on their toes. Missions with 60 minutes limit – for instance, averting a missile strike or breaking out of maximum security prison – will help them solve problems and complete work within that time. Since the game is also a thrilling experience, it will motivate them to manage time and complete work quickly.

Problem Solving

Since the escape room has many puzzles to solve and ideas to think about, it will enhance the problem-solving skills of your team members. It creates a situation where you must think cleverly and out of the box without wasting much time. Such on-spot thinking will help teams better at solving the puzzles and decoding the hidden answers, which will later impact their daily work.

Task Management

Escape room puzzles need you to work on several things simultaneously. It might give clues you have to crack faster, so you could split your team into two and assign different tasks. This will help them manage tasks and tackle the puzzle. When you have multiple tasks, the team will also think about and prioritize the important ones. Finally, it will help them divide the tasks among themselves and choose a task that needs to be completed first.


The important aspect of escape rooms is the kind of communication it creates. Escape rooms are the best space for team members to talk, build trust and communicate better. There is a project to crack, and a time limit is set. Therefore, the team members talk and understand each other’s capabilities and work together to complete the mission. This will enhance the communication between the members and bridge the existing gap.

Team Spirit

Team members work together with an explicit common goal creating a sense of team spirit and camaraderie. They would help each other out, seek advice, encourage others, understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and plan accordingly. This will reflect in their team works in the future.