What Causes a Drafty Window?

What Causes a Drafty Window?

Getting ready for colder months is the best thing you can do to keep your family warm and comfortable. As a result, it is crucial to know the causes of a drafty window to look out for them and know the number of replacement windows you need. 

Below are causes of a drafty window:

1. Physical Damage to Windows Frame 

Window frames are a window component that determines the integrity of your window. Your windows can become drafty if your window frames are warped or cracked. Window frames can get warped due to exposure to harsh elements, aging, or wear and tear. Damage to the structure of window frames will cause windows to be drafty. 

2. Poor Installation

Installation of windows requires expertise, precision, and skills, so hiring experienced window installers is recommended. When windows are installed wrongfully or without professional skillset, the chances that Fe windows will drafty are high. Signs of poor installation include broken seals, the lack of weather-stripping materials, cracks, gaps between joints, etc.

3. Extreme Temperature Changes

When there are extreme changes in weather, the effects can be severe in windows. Some window materials can expand and contract due to changes in temperature. This causes cracking, chipping, warping, or fading. Caulk used on windows can remove with wooden frames becoming warped. This condition may result in the need for replacement windows soon. 

4. High Moisture Levels

When windows are exposed to high moisture, they tend to wear faster due to water seepage under the seals. Over time, the seals will give way, making the windows drafty. You can quickly notice the effect of high moisture on your window through condensation between window panes. 

5. Poor Maintenance

Proper maintenance of windows can make them last longer and energy-efficient. Some components of the window require only maintenance to stay in good shape. Some windows have weather-stripping materials damaged. Failing to repair your windows can make small issues bigger, causing them to be drafty. Depending on the type of your window, poor maintenance can make disintegrate. 


As part of the preparation for colder months, you should check your windows and prepare replacement windows for damaged windows. Contact experienced installers to recommend me to install perfect replacement windows for you to avoid cold air filtering into your home. 

Replacement windows are the perfect solution for drafty windows to make your home comfortable and energy-efficient. 

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