What are The Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof vs Shingles?

What are The Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof vs Shingles?

Perhaps there is an immediate need to replace your existing damaged or worn-out roof. Before you invest in something, you need to know your available roofing options. Metal and shingle roofs are quite popularly sold in the market. These materials do have a significant impact on the longevity, functionality, and aesthetics of your home. 

Difference between Shingle and Metal roofs

Metal roof: These roofs are found in aluminum, steel, tin, zinc, and copper. However, they are somewhat complex. 


  • Diverse aesthetic options: You can choose from different types of metals and paint them as per your preference. You can paint it purple or prefer a traditional look. You have a greater say over its size and shape.
  • Low maintenance: It does not require much maintenance if installed correctly and professionally. You just need to clean the debris to ensure a pristine look. 
  • Environment efficient: These roofs use recycled materials and thus help reduce energy usage. You can also install solar panels easily on these roofs. 
  • Enhances property value: Since they are durable, it increases your property value. There are no additional upfront costs. They also invite lower premiums from home insurance providers. 
  • Durability: They are strong and also fire-resistant. 


  • Oil canning: It is just an aesthetic problem. Waviness may be noticed in areas that are believed to be flat. 
  • Costly installation: You need to hire experienced professionals to install this roof as some level of precision is essential. 

Shingle roof: It is commonly used in residential areas and uses asphalt shingles in small pieces. 


  • Economical: It involves short-term costs and cheaper installation. It is definitely economical for those who are on a small budget. 
  • Practical: These are traditionally used and are still popular. It is quite a practical option. Even if a single shingle gets damaged, it is possible to replace it easily. There is no need to replace the entire roof and it is easy to clean them. 
  • Easy installation: It is much easier to transport shingles than metal slabs. They can be installed immediately on their arrival and does not require any awkward attachments, cutting, or measuring. 


  • Increased weight: Each asphalt shingle does weigh a lot and thus the roof weight increases substantially after installation. 
  • More replacements and repairs: Shingles come with a shorter lifecycle, may experience damage flaking, and also become breeding grounds for mildew, mold, and algae. 
  • Aesthetic limitations: Dyeing a shingle can be a tough task and so is using vivid colors. Even after painting it, the shingles are likely to get darker and fade in the sun. 

Thus you can find metal roofing to be a much better and durable option when compared to shingles.

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