How do you take care of hardwood floors?

How do you take care of hardwood floors?

Hardwood flooring is the most beautiful wood floor types, provided you keep them in good shape. The general routine upkeep is a must, though there is no need for rigorous cleaning. Simple cleaning ensures the longevity of hardwood floors. Yet, there are a few nuances to follow for maintenance.

Immediately clean spills

Taking care of hardwood flooring involves cleaning spills immediately. Use a damp cloth and wipe anything that spills. However, avoid steam or wet mops, it causes damage over time. Wood shrinks and swells depending on the moisture in the air and on it. Thus, keeping down the humidity levels helps avoid splitting, cupping, and wood gapping. Besides, cleaning spills immediately assures the longevity of the flooring.

Use furniture pads

The big problem is the scratches on the wood floors. Some are inevitable, while you can try preventing others. Prevent scratches by adding furniture pads to the chairs, tables, and sofas legs.

Daily dust or sweep

It may seem too much to dust or sweep hardwood flooring daily but it is a must. If you follow the no-shoe rule inside, it is the best. Yet dust forms and settles into the floorboards. If you have pets, the fur shedding relates to hygiene issues, as well. You have to consider daily sweeping or dusting.

Vacuum weekly

Vacuuming weekly sounds painful, but it is the only way to keep your house clean. There is a need to ensure the dirt and crumbs missed during sweeping do not scratch the wood floors. The debris lying on your wood floor may stick to your shoe bottom and scratch all the surfaces that, sweeping daily is a must. Vacuuming ensures the flat attachment safeguards the floor from bristles. The vacuum has strong suction to pull debris and dust up from crevices, cracks, and even between planks. 

Every 3-5 years give Re-finish

When your hardwood flooring starts looking dull, you can renew with recoating. You may apply a wood floor finish as a new coat and enjoy a new look. Re-finishing once in 3-5 years retains the shiny look.

Right Cleaning Product

For a deeper clean, choose the right product. Different finishes need different treatments. Cleaning is a must, but avoiding harsh chemicals to clean hardwood floors is recommended. Adding anything will make your hardwood flooring look pretty and shiny only for a small time, and it will wear.

Understand the Warning Signs

Hardwood reacts to humidity and temperature. Thus, it is a must to understand the surrounding environment. Sometimes, things are not in your control, so save your wood floors by keeping a watch on the red flags. 

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