How Do You Fix Condensation on Outside of Windows?

How Do You Fix Condensation on Outside of Windows?

Window condensation has always been annoying. Whether on the inside or out, you just want to get rid of it. However, depending on the type, things might not be that easy to solve. To help you out with issues in your home here is a very useful guide on window condensation:

How Do You Fix Condensation on Outside of Windows?

Types of Condensation

Depending on the location, there are 3 types of window condensation: interior, exterior and the one between glass panes. Each situation will require different measurements and techniques. Additionally, interior and “between-panes” condensation can be one of the signs for window replacement. So besides getting rid of them, you should also check the condition of your windows and doors.

Exterior (Outside) Condensation

The only type of condensation which isn’t a warning sign for having crooked windows is exterior or the one that appears on the outside of windows. In fact, this type can be a sign for the totally opposite situation – having windows of high quality and energy efficiency.

Exterior condensation happens simply due to the laws of nature and there is no way of fixing it, apart from wiping it out. It usually appears at sunrise when the air starts to get a bit warmer because of the sun’s impact. Because glass takes a long time heating up, when air touches the glass’s surface, it condenses, turning into tiny water droplets, also known as – condensation.

Interior (Inside) Condensation

Unlike the exterior, interior condensation can be removed. The same natural laws apply: When heated air reaches a cool surface, it condenses, turning into tiny drops of water. Even though this is natural when it happens on the outside, on the inside the situation can be quite different. The causes and solutions for this type are many, but it mostly has to do with high humidity levels. Here is what you should do:

  • Remove plant life near the window – Plants increase humidity levels
  • Turn down the humidifier or run a dehumidifier
  • Properly ventilate – open the windows more often
  • Properly ventilate – invest in ceiling fans or add new window openings
  • Refresh the areas in which there is frequent water usage – kitchens and bathrooms
  • Upgrade your windows – They might lack the needed efficiency

Condensation Between Glass Panes

This type of condensation definitely signifies that your windows need replacing. Between glass panes, there is gas, either air, krypton or argon. Sometimes, because of a scratch or just difficult weather, the gas can start leaking on the inside – looking like window condensation. In this case, replace your window glass.

The other possible situation is that insulation or sealants have started to crack, allowing outside humid air to enter your window. This shouldn’t happen and means that your windows or doors aren’t working properly. If you are experiencing “between-pane” condensation, you will soon face draftiness, high energy bills, and even UV damage.

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