5 Potential Signs that your Roofs Needs to be Replaced

5 Potential Signs that your Roofs Needs to be Replaced

Roofing is a delicate part of the home. So important that the average solid roof can last for many years. However, your roof is not immune to the elements. There is a point when you will need to replace your roof. Here’s a rundown of five signs that you need a replacement.

1. Your roof has lasted for over 12 years

Because roofing is vital to any building, most roofs should be replaced every 15 to 35 years. Although metal or tile roofs last longer, asphalt shingle roofs last for 12 to 15 years. Besides, the state of the weather in your residence is vital to the rate of wear and tear. For instance, if you reside in an area with extreme rain or heat, you need to replace your roof frequently. Also, note that if you have made several repairs on your existing roof you should start making plans for a replacement.

2. Broken or damaged flashing on the roof

One important part of a roofing system is the flashing. It keeps moisture out of the joints of your roof. Damaged, low quality or missing flashing can make your roof prone to water damage. To know if your roof needs replacement, climb a ladder, and take a good look at the flashing. If you notice a lot of broken marks or signs and damages, you should consider replacing your roof.

3. If you noticed missing or curling shinglesĀ 

In roofing, parts like shingles are exposed to natural elements. So it is important that you check your roof during springtime or fall. You need to know the state of your roof after a storm or heavy rainfall. Missing or curling shingles are glaring signs that your roof needs a replacement. Snow, rain, and high winds can cause your shingles to wear. Once you notice part of your roof in your gutter, you should make plans for a replacement.

4. Damage in a significant part of your roof

Although repairing your roof is more expensive than replacing it, you need to do so! If you notice that the damage is over 40%, you should opt for a replacement. Although it might be expensive, the cost depends on several factors. They include the material of your roof, the cost of labour, and the size of the roof.

5. Discoloration of ceilings and walls

This might not be an obvious sign but it is a valid one. If you notice unfamiliar water stains on the interior and exterior walls or ceilings, it could mean that your roof is leaking. Confirm this and get a replacement.

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