5 Best Way to Solve an Escape Room Game

5 Best Way to Solve an Escape Room Game

Hanging out with your friends and family can be so much fun, especially if you are all bonding while at it! A great way to bond is by participating in an all-hands on activity, like an escape room game. It is simply the perfect idea. The puzzles, the stories, the inevitable laughter, and the beautiful memories make for a perfect day! However, spending a ton of the time trying to figure out the solution to an escape room game can be a downer to the moment. For you to avoid tense minutes of cluelessness while trying to have fun with your closest people, here are five of the best ways to solve an escape room game!

Emphasize teamwork

An important part of escape rooms is the need for teamwork and you have to lay emphasis on this. Be sure everyone is down to work together as a team and already, that’s your first step towards solving the escape room game easily! 

Highlight specialties 

Escape room games feature a range of puzzles that have to do with pop culture, anagrams, puns, and some arithmetic. Let everyone work on the puzzle they are most knowledgeable about and that way, you can get more work done towards solving the game, as opposed to a situation where everyone huddles over trying to solve the same puzzle. 

Search thoroughly 

A common mistake made by participants in escape room games is overlooking clues. Search as thoroughly, and as diligently, as the time will allow. Think about the possibility of an object meaning more than one thing and set aside every potential clue to avoid ransacking all over again. 

Try every option

Solving an escape room game is sure to promote some arguments and debates but the thing is, there is no perfect way to solve a riddle. Choose the options to try based on common logic and reasoning to avoid wasting time. Air out everyone’s opinion and try every potential idea that is suggested. Despite specialties, never forget teamwork. 

Let others know what you find 

Here is where you really need teamwork. No one should keep clues to themselves as that can slow the process of solving the puzzle. When you find the answer to something or a missing piece of a puzzle, celebrate the find and let others know so you can all work faster to solve the game. 

Escape rooms are a truckload of fun if everyone chips in ideas and no one are left behind in the unraveling process. Enjoy the time you get to spend with the people you love, and most of all –have fun!

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