5 Safe Outdoor Dining Tips

5 Safe Outdoor Dining Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a temporary change in how local restaurants operate and how people conduct themselves, especially when they find themselves dining outdoors. If you like to eat out and enjoy mouthwatering dishes at Italian restaurants, you should start paying more attention to keeping safe by taking the necessary health precautions. Now that local restaurants and diners are reopening, outdoor dining is becoming popular because of the open space and ventilation. If you are planning to eat outdoor anytime soon, here are some ways to keep yourself safe.

1. Make reservations in advance

One of the ways to reduce stress and save yourself a lot of time is to make your findings of the restaurants around you. Always check or ask people around or put a call through to the restaurant to see if you can make reservations in advance.

2. Keep your distance

Maintaining social distance is very important and must be adhered to at all times when dining outdoor. Since you do not know the people you might contact and the places they have been or if they have the virus, it’s safer to stay at least six feet away from the other customers around.

3. Make use of hand sanitizer

Most of the restaurants usually provide hand sanitizers for each table in the restaurant. However, you should also have your hand sanitizer with you and use it at intervals to keep your and clean. Using your sanitizer is also essential because it is likely that other customers have used a table before you, and this can cause cross-contamination.

4. Always wear your mask and avoid touching your face

Except you are eating, which would require you to pull down your face mask, you should always try to wear your mask appropriately at all times. This is important for your safety as well as that of others. When moving around anywhere in the restaurant, ensure you keep your mask on. Since you are in a public place, there is a high probability of putting your hand on contaminated surfaces; therefore, you should avoid touching your face to prevent contamination.

5. Wash your hands

Washing your hand with soap and water is similar to the use of hand sanitizer because both achieve the same goal of keeping your hands clean. However, washing your hands should be done before leaving home, after using the public bathrooms at the restaurant, and before leaving the restaurant.

We all want to move freely and enjoy our time at our favorite Italian restaurant that is just around the block. Still, it’s also vital that we ensure that we are not putting ourselves or any other person at risk with our actions.