What Questions Should I Ask The Window Installer?

What Questions Should I Ask The Window Installer?

After you have selected your choicest windows and doors, you need to carefully select a window installer that can install the items expertly at the right. Therefore, don’t rush into choosing a window installer; you should take the time to ask some essential questions.

Below are some important questions you should ask a window installer before hiring him:

Are you licensed to offer window installation?

In some regions, you must be licensed to handle the installation of windows and doors. So, if you stay in such a region, you must ask the window installer if he is licensed or certified to offer window installation. Don’t take their word hook, line, and sinker; ensure you see their certificates or licenses.

What experience do you possess?

In most cases, the expertise of a window installer relies on their experience. To have a good idea of the experience and experience of an installer, you should ask about how long they have been installing windows and doors for customers and check their past projects. Get references and contact their past clients, if possible.

Are you insured?

While window installation is going on, accidents can occur. So, are you ready to bear the liability of the accidents? Of course, you shouldn’t bear it and this is why you should only work with a window installer that is insured. In general, insurance should cover workers’ compensation, materials, and lots more.

Is the estimate or consultation free?

Although most window installers offer free estimates and consultation, some will charge you for it. Therefore, before you request an estimate or consultation, you should confirm whether it is free or not. It is worthwhile to note that charging for consultation or estimate is not a problem, but this can affect your overall window installation cost. So, you may want to have a second thought about hiring such an installer.

How much will the installation cost?

Once you have known if the estimate is free or not, ask your window installer about the cost of installing the kind of windows you want. The cost will depend on the materials of the windows, the number of windows, etc. By knowing the estimated installation cost, you can have a detailed budget for the window installation project.

How long will the window installation take?

You shouldn’t embark on any window installation project for your home or business without knowing the start-to-finish timeframe. A seasoned window installer should be able to tell you the timeline and explain how it may change because of weather and other factors. 

Irrespective of the projected timeline, you should be flexible with the contractor. Also, ensure that no special event is scheduled for the same period in the same building.

Who will handle the installation?

Some window installers may give your project to subcontractors. You should inquire if the installer will handle the installation themselves or outsource it. Don’t shy away from asking questions about the experience and expertise of the crew that will come to your home to install the windows.

If you can ask these relevant questions, you should be able to find windows and doors contractor for window replacement.

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