Top Wedding Destinations in Europe

Top Wedding Destinations in Europe

Weddings are one of the greatest occasions one can have in a lifetime. Traditionally, couples choose to have their wedding in a banquet hall, but taking this special day with your closest friends and family to a destination is starting to become more popular.

Several wedding destinations around the world are growing in popularity but the focus of this write-up is to discuss the top wedding destinations in Europe in no particular order. So, of your wedding is coming very soon, you can consider one of the destinations below.

  1. Spain – Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is located in the north west of Spain and it is the capital of Galicia. The location is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site being historical and famous for its monumental architecture. You can find an imposing cathedral and monasteries in this destination. There are beautiful places to wed in Santiago de Compostela.

  1. Italy – Ravello

Ravello is located on the Amalgi Coast, southern Italy. It is a famous tourist destination. It got listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a scenic location. There is no way this location can be exempted from the list of top wedding destinations in Europe. There are amazing gardens for incredible wedding photoshoot on the Amalfi Coast.

  1. Norway


Norway is famous for fishing, skiing, and hiking. If you do not mind the cold and snow, Norway is the best destination for your wedding. It is country surrounded by mountains, deep coastal fjords, and glaciers. With locations such as the Lofoten Islands, the Svalbard Islands, and Tromso are amount the most famous areas for your wedding.

  1. Denmark – Danish Islands

Denmark has several Islands that are suitable for weddings. There are more than 70 Islands but about 12 are the most famous and ideal for wedding photoshoot. The Baltic Sea, for instance, is best to take photographs that can be used to make a statement about the wedding.

  1. Greece – Greek Islands

It is not surprising that many people are fantasizing about getting married in one of Greek’s Islands. The Islands have different attractive landscapes and beautiful venues. It is difficult to resist the appeal of the white houses on the cliffs, and the blue backdrop provided by the Mediterranean Sea. Choose any of Crete, Chios, Rhodes, Santorini, Paros, and Monemvana as your wedding destination and create a lifetime memory.

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