Top 5 Escape Rooms In Mississauga

Top 5 Escape Rooms In Mississauga

An escape room is an interactive 45-60 minute adventurous session where groups are given clues which they are supposed to solve in order to escape the room. Escape rooms are a great way to enjoy an outing with friends, encourage teamwork, or celebrate a birthday. 

Here are the top 5 escape rooms in Mississauga:

1. Escape from the 6

3600A Laird Rd #3

This escape room has an amazingly unique story to keep you entertained. There are two rooms you can choose from: Escape the Wild West and Fire Fighter Rescue mission. The wild west is the best fit for the beginners with a 60 percent success rate whereas the firefighter is designed for the more experienced people with a 35 percent success rate. Prepare your mind for doing a lot of physical tasks as these escape rooms are designed that way.

Here’s one of their testimonial:

“Amazing!! We did the firefighter room and had a frekin BLAST!  We’ll be back!! Thanks for a wonderful experience from the moment we walked in ! Enjoyable environment, friendly staff and wow the room is elaborate and fun! Had a great time, come with a nice group! :)”

2. Escape the House

1200 Aerowood Dr #30

This escape house has three different rooms with different levels of difficulties. They will be soon introducing two more escape rooms, bringing the total number of rooms to five. Their best room is ‘trapped’ and their prices are $30 per person.

Here’s one of their testimonial:

“Had a great time. We escaped the last stop hotel. It was the first time we were successful, great for beginners. Johnathan was very helpful and funny. He made our experience great. We will be back soon!”

3. De Code Adventures

6620 Kitimat Rd

This escape house is one of the largest in Mississauga and has 5 different rooms. The best room among all the rooms is De Triad where you compete against other groups and fight against the clock.

Here’s one of their testimonial:

“Good place to hangout with family (with kids) or even friends! They have escape rooms, board games. The staff are extremely nice and helpful too!”

4. Captive Room

3413, 5 Wolfedale Rd #5

Captive Room is a five-minute drive away from the Square One. The three rooms are designed for groups of 2 to 12 people. If you have a large group, they can also offer a multi-room option for a head to head competition. 

Here’s one of their testimonial:

“It was a good experience despite narrowly missing the full completion of the room successfully. The concepts and clues were good overall. The times and availability of rooms are sufficient especially in comparison to most escape rooms that open in the evening.My major issue would be the accessibility in getting to the top floor. The steps are relatively steep and the stairs are long,no elevator installed. If mobility is an issue, this location would not be ideal. Will return to this location to do another.”

5. No Way Out Escape Rooms

1200 Lorimar Dr #7-8

This is one of the newest escape houses in Mississauga offering 3 separate rooms. It claims to be Canada’s scariest escape room. No way out escape rooms usually have a group of 2-8 people, but you got to book fast as their spots fill up quickly.

Here’s one of their testimonial:

“I have done two of the three rooms here and loved them both!  The puzzles are difficult enough to take some time to work through, but not so impossible that you get discouraged. It’s so much fun to do with your friends. The staff were kind and helpful. I will definitely go back and try out the third room!”

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