Tips for Buying an ATV

Tips for Buying an ATV

ATV’s are one of the most fun recreational vehicles you can buy today. You don’t need a drivers license, even teens and youth can start riding on smaller and mini versions of ATV’s. Buying an ATV is no small task however. Higher end ATV’s can run you thousands of dollars, and you want to be making the right decision and buying one that fits you and your riding style and purpose. Below we’ve discussed the 4 major differences in ATV’s to help you decide what kind of ATV you want to buy.

Here are the tips for buying an ATV:

1. Displacement

This is the number measured in cubic centimetres, or CC. The bigger the engine, the more it displaces. Displacement in ATV’s can range from 100cc TO 1000cc. The average recreational vehicle won’t have more than 300-400cc, and the competition and sport ones usually have 700+. This is the most important measurement in ATV’s because it decides what speeds you can reach and how powerful the engine is.

2. Number of strokes

Dirt bikes and other smaller engine vehicles either come with 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines. 2 stroke engines are in decline, as it is a simpler, cheaper way to make an engine. 4 stroke engines are more complicated to make, but they offer more stability, less noise and use less gas than 2 stroke engines. They are also more environmentally friendly with reduced emissions, so generally 4 stroke engines are better and worth the extra money.

3. Shift or automatic gearbox

Just as with cars, some ATV’s have manual and automatic gear shifters. If you’re new to ATV riding, automatic is much easier to get used to and offers simplicity when riding. Manual gear shifting is for more experienced ATV riders, who want some more control over their riding and can handle the extra steps required.

4. Braking

The last difference is braking, as some ATV manufacturers will have hand brakes while others will have foot brakes. This comes down to preference, and you should try riding with both to see which one you like better.

Never buy an ATV without first going for a test ride, you will never know if you really like something or if you have a small annoyance that could turn to major headache, so always go for a test ride before making any final decisions. Follow and understand the differences above to get an ATV that truly suits you and ride with fun and safety always! If you’re looking to purchase an ATV, Kanis Power Sports has wide variety of ATVs for sale.

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