Signs it's time to replace your hardwood floors

Signs it’s time to replace your hardwood floors

Although hardwood floors are some of the most durable flooring options available today, they don’t last forever. This means that a time will come for you to replace your hardwood floors. But you may be uncertain whether you should replace your hardwood flooring or not.

Don’t get worked up over this as we will show you signs that can tell you that it is time to replace your hardwood floors.

1. Water damage

It is well known that hardwood flooring cannot withstand water. Therefore, whenever your floors are exposed to water for an extended period, they may be damaged. Plumbing problems and flooding are the most common causes of extended exposure of hardwood floors to water. The damage can make the wood separate, warp, or rot. Whatever the case is, you need to replace hardwood floors damaged by water.

2. Too much refinishing

If your hardwood flooring has been sanded and refinished several times, some of its floorboards would have worn down. Over time, the floors will no longer be strong structurally and can crack. To avoid any problem associated with compromised floors, you should replace your hardwood flooring once it has been refinished numerous times.

3. Discolouration

Foremost, you don’t have to replace your hardwood floors every time they are discoloured. If the discolouration has been caused by exposure to the sun, the woods can be refinished or restrained.

But if water damage is responsible for the discolouration, the structure of the wood will soon collapse. Of course, this can be quite dangerous for your household. So, in such an instance, you should replace your hardwood flooring.

4. Too much physical damages

As long as you are using your hardwood floors, they are bound to have scratches and marks. However, these scratches and marks should be minimal. When they are too much, they will cause significant dents on your hardwood floors; hence, they should be replaced.

Similarly, if you notice warping and splintering on your hardwood floors, they are usually results of water damage. If the warping and splintering are too much, your hardwood flooring should be replaced.

5. Moving or creaking floorboards

Do the floorboards of your floor move or creak as you move on them? Does it seem as if the floors are bent or will collapse when walking on them? If yes, the floors are already in bad condition. Although you may want to realign the bent or shifted floorboards, the solution cannot last. It can compromise the structural integrity of the floors of your home. Therefore, replacing the hardwood floors is your most reliable solution.

6. Need for newer flooring

Sometimes, you don’t need to see any physical sign to replace your hardwood floors. You are just convinced that your home needs a new flooring option. As long as you have a budget that can cover the project, you should just go ahead and install new floors.

Now, we have shown you the various signs that it is time to replace your hardwood floors. Which of these various signs have you noticed?