Restaurant Health and Safety during COVID-19

Restaurant health and safety during COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak across the world has put a hold-still on several businesses and industries. However, food services like Italian restaurants, are still operating to cater to the needs of the general public. This calls for a heightened sense of consciousness regarding health and safety. Based on the government’s directives, there are policies put in place to keep businesses, workers, customers, and the community, safe while operating. This is in addition to the health and safety policy every restaurant is expected to have. Check out some of the best practices for restaurant health and safety during COVID-19.

1. Protect workers and customers

First and foremost, basic health care practices should be put in place to protect workers and customers. Regular hand washing, provision of sanitizers, appropriate physical restrictions, and every other recommended guideline should be set up to reduce contact between workers and customers. Particularly, cashiers, servers, and every other worker who comes in direct contact with the customers should be protected appropriately.

2. Physical distancing 

Always maintain at least two meters between all individuals who are physically present in the restaurant. This can be initiated by marking land signs to keep distancing and strict announcements as reminders for everyone to maintain the space. Glass and other forms of physical barriers can be set up to separate frontline restaurant workers like cashiers from the customers and patrons.

3. Workplace sanitation

Constant sanitation of the workplace from floors, handles, seats, and the kitchen/store area should be conducted with the recommended disinfectants and alcohol-based sanitizers. Health inspection by professionals can also be set up on a routine basis to ensure that the sanitation process is effective in keeping the workplace clean and safe for all workers, customers, and the public.

4. Adjust onsite and production schedules

To enforce the physical distancing guidelines and maintain sanitation, it is advisable to adjust the schedules for workers. Reduce the work rate where possible and try to have fewer people on-site at all times to reduce the risk of contact between coworkers and customers.

5. Track your workforce

Make sure you are constantly aware of your workers’ whereabouts, and health status. If any worker reports illness, give them mandatory breaks to track the illness and inform coworkers as well as the appropriate authorities. It is part of the social responsibility to flatten the curve by ensuring that all locations and contacts are well accounted for at all times.

Social distancing remains the most effective way of curtailing this global outbreak but, with the right measures, it shouldn’t hinder your business as a restaurant. Put the right measures in place for your business to be safe and make the best of these times! Stay safe!

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