How to support local restaurants during COVID-19

How to support local restaurants during COVID-19

It is unarguable that COVID-19 has a severe impact on the entire world, without sparing any facet of human endeavor. Businesses globally also took the hit with several businesses forced to fold up, leaving thousands of employees out of job. Local restaurants are not exempted from the adverse effects of COVID-19 due to lockdown and movement restrictions.

Restaurants are among the businesses that suffered more from the coronavirus pandemic. There no longer in-dining crowds, eating out, lunch and dinner crowds, and special events help in restaurants, especially the Italian restaurant. All these have made many restaurants plunged into losses.

However, we can support local restaurants to help them stay afloat until the pandemic is finally over. Here are some ways to support local restaurants and your favorite Italian restaurant to survive this difficult time.

1. Purchase Gift Cards

You can support local restaurants and Italian restaurants around you by buying gift cards from them, delaying your treat till after the pandemic. Buy gift cards from your family members, friends, loved ones, and yourself. This will be a source of income for restaurant owners to withstand the effects of the pandemic.

2. Order Food Delivery

Be in your home and still enjoy your favorite dishes by ordering meals from the Italian restaurant near you. The restaurant will deliver the food to your home using delivery service providers. Even if you cannot go out to eat, the food can be brought to you.

3. Buy Merchandise from Local Restaurants

Many restaurants have other business lines to promote their businesses. Some restaurants also sell T-shirts, mugs, face caps, customized face masks, etc. Buy these goods from them to help them survive the scourge of COVID-19.

4. Support Local Restaurants’ Causes

There are several restaurants seeking help through donations on the GoFundMe platform. Search for an Italian restaurant or other local restaurants in your region looking for help. Contribute a few dollars and help them stay in business. Everyone deserves the help they can get to survive this pandemic. Lend a helping hand.

5. Contribute to their Social Media Posts

Follow local restaurants on all social media platforms and engage with their posts. Comment, like, and share their posts to help them get online visibility, which is crucial to their marketing and getting more customers after COVID-19 is over.


The above are some of the ways to support local restaurants and the Italian restaurant around you. The little help and support you render will go a long way in keeping them in business. The pandemic will be over very soon, and all restaurants will be filled again.