How to Make a Good First Impression in Your Kitchen

How to Make a Good First Impression in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It can be a place where people gather and eat together, or a cozy little room that is essential for living healthy.

A kitchen can also be a centrepiece of a home, depending on the layout of the rooms, and can really alter the mood an entire space. We’ve put together these tips and tricks for leaving a great first impression with your kitchen.Here are the 4 tips and tricks on how to make a good first impression in your kitchen:

  1. Lighting 

Lighting is an important factor in any room, especially a kitchen. Good lighting can not only help with food preparation, but also encourage people to spend more time in the kitchen.

Having a lamp centrepiece over a kitchen table or island can add to the theme and aesthetics of the kitchen, and can match with other appliances to give a finished look. And nobody ever posted an Instagram picture of their home cooked meal with bad lighting, so make sure lighting is at the top of your list!

  1. Appliances & Hardware

Appliances and hardware are also important. These are like the jewelry of the kitchen. Keeping all the hardware in the same style will add a nice feel to your kitchen. Picking designs such as stainless steel to match your fridge, oven, and other appliances gives it a two tone theme that goes with many different styles.

  1. Countertops 

One of the bigger budget changes you can make in your kitchen is to add granite or marble countertops. Cultured marble counters are one of the best ways to make your kitchen pop without breaking the bank. Marble Tradition is a local manufacturer of cultured marble in Kitchener and offer luxury bathroom products such as bathroom vanities.

People often think that cabinets are the first thing you see in a kitchen, but it is in fact the counter tops. Having a colour matching marble countertop or island with the colours of the rest of your kitchen can transform the entire room and become a place where you gather to enjoy time with your family.

  1. Personal Touch

The last tip we can give is adding a personal touch. Any sort of artwork can spice up a kitchen, whether it be paintings on the wall or sculptures on tops and window sills. Here you can be as creative as you want, adding personal favourites, or even getting the family together to make some DIY artwork. Try and make your kitchen feel at home, after all, you’re the one who’s going to be in it everyday.

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