How To Increase Your Privacy With Landscaping

How To Increase Your Privacy With Landscaping

“Your home is your castle,” the saying goes. This expression means that we should be allowed to live and work in our houses without being disturbed and intruded upon by other people and entities. However, with the proliferation of technology and social media, this isn’t always easy to accomplish anymore. There are all kinds of ways for nosy neighbors – or worse yet, burglars – to check you out online before they ever even think about coming onto your property. You may have taken some measures already on how to increase privacy at your house but landscaping might be able to help as well! Make sure you discuss this with your landscaping company about increasing privacy even more. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some landscaping ideas for increasing privacy outdoors before we get started:

1. Increase The Yard’s Edge Borders

The first thing you can do is create a yard edge by making it look taller with plants or hedges, etc. This is the first place someone walking around your property will see and since people are naturally curious about what’s past this line they will stay back to observe before they come closer. If you have fencing already, make sure it’s well maintained too. You can also use trees as an added barrier that gives you extra privacy due to their height!

2. Prune Back Bushes And Shrubs

Another great way to increase privacy with landscaping is by pruning any overgrown bushes or shrubs in the yard because it will let people know that this is a private space. You don’t want to make it too obvious, though! Just prune them enough so that the landscaping looks natural and not overgrown with branches hanging over your property line.

3. Plant Hedges At The Front Door’s Edge

Planting a hedge in front of the front door is always a good idea if you want even more privacy. More specifically, plant a row of hedges right under or above your windows because people will think twice about looking through them if there’s a hedge they have to look around first! Plus, it just makes your house look cozy from the outside which is definitely nice for when you have guests over.

4. Create A Private Patio

Creating an outdoor patio that looks somewhat separate from the rest of your yard is a great way to increase privacy around your home. One thing you can do is buy nice chairs and tables, put them on this patio, light candles or let lanterns float in water to create a calming mood, and enjoy a relaxing time out there! You could also plant some flowers around these areas to make it look extra special.

5. Create A Screened-In Porch

Another way to increase privacy with landscaping is by creating a screened-in porch area surrounding an outdoor space such as a deck or concrete slab etc. where you can dine outside but still maintain some sense of seclusion from the elements as well as people walking by who would otherwise be able to look in.


Landscaping can definitely help you increase your privacy when done properly. This is an option that doesn’t cost too much money and will also give you something to do during the summertime if you ever get bored!