How to Help your Favourite Restaurant Survive The Coronavirus Crisis

How to Help your Favourite Restaurant Survive The Coronavirus Crisis

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants have suffered major setbacks in revenue, because of the various restrictions placed by the government. However, local restaurants, due to their local menu and cuisine, are bouncing back faster than their foreign counterparts. For example, Italian restaurants, notwithstanding the safety measures already in place in their restaurants still struggle to attract 30% of their regular customers. This could hurt the restaurant business tremendously if you don’t step in to help. 

Note that helping, in this case, doesn’t mean giving your money to the restaurant without receiving proportional value. So, if you’re ready to help, then read the 5 tips on how to help your favorite restaurant survive the coronavirus crisis below.

1. Patronize: Ask for delivery or Takeaway

Since restrictions prevent us from sitting at restaurants to eat, we could order our meals as a takeaway or have it delivered to our homes and offices. This way, restaurants still get to make sales, and you as a customer still get to enjoy delicious meals from your favorite restaurants. 

2. Maintain Social Distancing 

In some areas, coronavirus restrictions are being lifted with certain health measures being put in place, including physical-distancing and washing of hands to curb the spread of the virus. But, if customers do not heed these directives, restaurants could be shut. To avoid that, make sure you obey all directives when in the restaurant.

3. Charity

The current economic situation has left millions of people jobless and starving. But you could reduce the number of hungry people by feeding those nearest to you. To do this, arrange with your favorite restaurant owner to prepare food for as many as you want to feed. If you’re busy, you could ask the restaurant owner to oversee the delivery to each designated person. By so doing, you’re helping the restaurant and feeding the needy. 

4. Do not forget to tip

The new environment being created by the coronavirus pandemic might make it difficult to tip your servers because 1. Physical distancing. 2. You’re ordering your food. This would reduce the income of the servers, and could impact customer service. To combat that, be sure to find the best possible way to tip your server. 

5. Retain your reservations 

Instead of canceling any reservation you already made for yourself at your local restaurants or a couples’ retreat at a fancy Italian Restaurant, postpone it until the coronavirus restrictions are finally lifted. 

Support your favorite restaurants by patronizing them. Also, you could change your taste and try new cuisines from Italian restaurants, by so doing, you’re encouraging better sales.

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