How to Choose the Window Style that's Best for Your Home

How to Choose the Window Style that’s Best for Your Home

As curtains and shades, windows can either make or break a room since they are a representation of the overall style of your home. So if things don’t add up visually, reconsider the type of insulators you have.

Additionally, lots of homeowners are troubled by lack of air breeze or natural light in their interior and lots of times the reason is that they have the wrong types of windows. Here are windows you will face while doing your window replacement project:

1. Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are basically the same as single-hung. The latter open only on the bottom, while the first slide from both bottom and top. This type is commonly found in traditional homes since it provokes feelings of authenticity and antiquity. The way it opens makes it kid-friendly and also a great breeze provider.

2. Awning Windows

The most commonly placed windows in bathrooms, basements and kitchens; awning windows provide homeowners with the ultimate air breeze. They are very small and open outwards with a hinge mechanism. Their angle of opening is 45 degrees which is perfect for areas with high humidity such as bathrooms. The fact that they open outwards means that they also protect rooms for weather conditions such as rain and snow.

3. Casement Windows

The cousin window type of awnings is casement. They also operate with a hinge mechanism and open outwards, but they are more like doors than windows. Usually, casements are found in kitchens as they are easy to open even in hard to reach areas. This window type is very flexible since it can be opened in many different angles, also catching that ideal 45-degree angle.

4. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are popular for modern, minimal and practical homes. They are great for living areas with small square footage as their way of openings doesn’t interrupt the surrounding space. As their name suggests, this type of window opens up with horizontal sliding. Their only disadvantage is that even when fully opened, sliding windows have one side closed up. However, this only applies for horizontal sliding windows, the perfect windows are single and double sliding windows.

5. Picture Windows

Many homeowners are confused by this window type as Picture windows do not open. So why do they exist? Well, they are perfect for areas which do not need more air breeze but could use additional lightning or accenting a specific outdoor area. Picture windows are amazing for simply looking through the glass while tucked in a comfortable window seating.


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