How Can I Treat A Stye In My Eye?

One of the most concerning situations one can face is a problem with the eyes. And before you get concerned about this topic, you should know that this is one of the most sensitive areas of our body. This is why any debris and dust can lead to uncomfortable problems.

Of course, if you feel like you’re facing a severe vision issue, it is best to seek the advice of an optometrist. In this way, you will get professional advice about your situation. And optometrists say that one of the most common problems amongst patients is eye stye. So, let’s see up next what’s this and what you need to do.

The eye stye

A stye or sty represents a red bump similar to a pimple that can form on the outer edge of the eyelid. Dead skin, dirt, or oil build-up can clog and blog the small glands found on your eyelids. And as a result, bacteria thrive and lead to a stye.

The most common symptoms of a stye are:

  • Pain and swelling of the eyelid
  • Significant tear production
  • An uncomfortable crust around the eyelid
  • Soreness, itchiness and an overall uncomfortable eyelid

How to treat a stye

1. Add a warm compress

Applying a warm compress on your eyelids represents one of the most efficient ways to treat a stye. The purpose of this is to dissolve the pus and oil to allow the stye to drain naturally. Keep in mind that you should use a clean cloth with warm water. Also, specialists say you should keep the cloth in place for up to 10 minutes.

2. Use mild soap and water

Because a stye occurs due to bacteria build-up, you should focus on cleaning your eyelids. To speed up the healing process, you will have to wash the eyelids with mild soap and water. Repeat this process every day until the stye heals.

3. Apply a warm tea bag

As mentioned above, warmth can treat a stye fast. So, if you want to achieve faster results, a bag of black tea can aid you to diminish swelling. Also, tea comes with antibacterial properties, which can be extremely helpful for preventing the stye from getting worse.

4. Don’t apply makeup

If you have a stye, optometrists say it is best to avoid applying makeup. This can only increase the bacteria build-up and worsen your situation. Besides, distinct products can irritate the eye and prevent the healing process.

5. Don’t wear contact lenses

If you wear your lenses when you have a stye, the bacteria can end up contaminating them. As a result, you might spread the infection and end up having trouble healing your eyelids.

6. Seek the help of a professional optometrist

If your stye doesn’t heal with natural remedies, you should ask for the advice of your optometrist. You might need medical treatment, with some antibiotic creams and even pain killers, depending on how severe your stye is. Specialists advise that you should be careful and avoid squeezing or touching a stye. This will only release additional bacteria that will worsen your infection.

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