How Can I Increase Curb Appeal In Winter?

How Can I Increase Curb Appeal In Winter?

Cold weather increases the challenge to curb appeal. But, it should not be allowed to ruin the curb appeal of your property. Is anyone wondering what curb appeal is? Let me help. Curb appeal refers to the general attractiveness of a property from the point of view of a potential buyer. There are several ways to enhance the curb appeal of the house exterior, yard, or landscaping. Although, many homeowners use plotted flowers and trimmed lawns to maintain the property’s curb appealing. But in winters, the cold days, with rain and snow, make the environment dark and misty. Several plants are also not able to grow under extreme temperate conditions. This can give you a tough time in keeping the curb appeal.

However, a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking can save you from this mishap. Here, we provide you with some tips to keep your house bright and attractive even in winters. To get an even more beautiful home exterior you could hire a professional landscaping company.

Clearing the Exterior

Although it seems obvious, many of us get lazy in keeping the exterior of our houses, particularly in winters. When the weather is blood-freezing and the snow and rain keep adding mess. But gathering some courage and clearing the exterior by removing snow and everyday things can help in enhancing the curb appeal.

Planting Evergreen Plants

No doubt, that several of the plants require an optimum temperature of 25-30˚C. But, there exist plants that are evergreen and grow throughout the year. Thus, look for such evergreen plants like Lenten Roses that are evergreen flowering plants. According to FineGardening.com, these are some of the easiest evergreen plants to grow.

Add Some Pop to Front Door

When talking of curb appeal, neglecting the importance of the front door is a crime. The front door of your house can make or break the impression of the overall property. Examine your front door and see if it needs a cleaning, is it covered with dirt or shoe marks of your children? Is the door color faded and asking for a new and bright coat of paint? Or if your door handle is broken and requires fixing?


Although maintaining curb appeal appears as a huge challenge in winters but with tiny efforts, you can make your house look increasingly attractive. Moreover, not only are these ways easy to do but also cost-effective. So try working on these tips and enjoy the beauty of your property!