Does Window Replacement Increase Home Value?

Let’s face it, home improvement or renovation can be really costly. So, it is normal for homeowners to look for ways to renovate or improve their homes without spending so much money.

When searching for ways to improve a home, one of the most common questions that homeowners often ask is “does window replacement increase home value?” This is a great question as they would like to know if window replacement is worth spending a lot of money on or not. Take the time to read this article as we will shed more light on this subject.

Will the value of your home increase after replacing its windows?

Yes! The value of your home will increase after you have replaced its windows. This has been tested and proven so many times in the past, so there is nothing to doubt here.

Many surveys have shown that window replacement can add up to 70% of the replacement cost to your home. Let’s take a look at this example for a better understanding of how window replacement increases your home value.

If the initial value of your home is $85,000 and you are to spend $5,000 on your window replacement. Of course, 70% of the replacement cost is $3,500 and this can be added to the initial value of your home. Therefore, a home replacement can boost the value of your home to about $88,500 or even more.

In addition, window replacement can evoke more interest in potential buyers as the home looks more beautiful and comfortable for anyone staying inside it. So, it goes without a saying that your home value will be increase after replacing the windows and doors.

What’s more, replacing the windows of your home will also lower its energy bills, prevent UV rays from coming into your home, reduce noise from outside, and make it easier to clean. If you ever want to sell your home later, these are the primary things that will make your home look more appealing than the other properties in the market. In fact, many buyers are always on the lookout for these features before parting ways with their hard-earned money.

What factors can help window replacement add more value?

If you want window replacement to increase your home value significantly, you should consider the following factors when choosing the windows.

  • Style
    To increase the appeal of your home and increase its value, the need for choosing a great style can never be overemphasized. The style must be modern and beautiful.
  • Efficiency
    Energy efficiency contributes largely to some of the benefits of window replacement. Therefore, you must focus on getting windows that have energy-efficient features.
  • Materials
    Windows are made with various materials. While some materials are of high quality, others are of inferior quality. No matter the style and design of your replacement window, you need to ensure that its material is of excellent quality.

Once again, window replacement is a great investment that is boosting the value of your home. Therefore, you should never overlook it whenever you want to renovate or improve your home.

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