Best Windows Replacement Companies in Kitchener

Windows replacement can be one of the best investments for your home. It may not be at the top of your home improvement checklist, however, it should be. When you notice that your windows are drafty and you are finding it difficult to open and close, then it’s time to replace your windows. Not only will it help to improve the energy efficiency of your house, but it will also boost the house’s curb appeal and resale value too!

Whether you are installing windows in a newly constructed house or replacing your old windows, there are a lot of professionals that can provide different styles, materials, colours, etc. Here are some of the best windows and doors companies in Kitchener:

PM Windows and Doors

1358 Victoria Street North, Kitchener

Established in 1984, PM has become a leader in the home renovation industry. They are dedicated to earning customer satisfaction and trust by ensuring the best quality door and window replacement. PM Windows offers a variety of styles, materials and also uses its own qualified in-house trades. Their skilled craftsmen are certified, clean and efficient. Moreover, they have got dedicated professionals ready to work with you to determine what’s best for you.

Golden Windows Limited

888 Guelph Street, Kitchener

Golden windows is one of the best sources for getting high-quality doors and windows. They are an ISO 9001 registered company. Hence, their customers depend on their on-time delivery and trouble-free performance. Golden Windows is all equipped with the latest technology such as energy-efficient doors and windows with natural airflow requiring low maintenance.

Strassburger Windows & Doors

2101 Shirley Drive, Kitchener

Want to build the home of your dreams? Want to make your home energy efficient and transform its look? Contact Strassburger now! Replace your old, leaky and drafty windows with a product that performs the best. They offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles of windows and doors with options such as internal blinds, grills, glasses, etc.

Herman’s Building Centres

90 Webster Rd, Kitchener

Herman’s Building is a supply store having more than 10 locations in Ontario. They specialize in exterior and interior products including roofs, slides, windows, doors, etc. for both residential and commercial businesses. Rather than selecting your products from a catalog, Herman’s offers an interactive showroom where you can touch and select the products.

Bavarian Window Works

2236 Shirley Drive, Kitchener

Bavarian Windows believe that doors and windows are the most important features of your home. Their knowledgeable team and a diverse inventory of well-established brands will always ensure that your home reflects your lifestyle. 

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    This was the first window we have had replaced and we have no hesitation recommending homestar northview window where highly qualified experts will be able to access your situation and your needs to suggest the most appropriate and economically efficient options for your home. You have to remember that the best way to choose window replacement companies in Waterloo is to make sure they know their manufacturers and guarantee good quality and the latest materials. Only then your doors will last you long years.

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