5 warning signs you need a new roof

5 warning signs you need a new roof

Roof damage is irreversible once it starts; it only worsens over time. Keep in mind that your roof is crucial to your comfort in the home. Failing to replace your roof when required may cause extensive damage and you will change the roof eventually. However, look out for warning signs that you need a roof replacement and schedule a new roof installation as soon as possible.

The following five warning signs indicate that you need a new roof in your home.

1.Roof Leaks

The first warning sign that you need a new roof is water leaks anytime it rains. If your ceilings and walls become wet or damp when it rains, get up into your attic with light to see what is going on there. If the water seepage happens in just a few places that roof repairs can fix, you can get a roofer to fix it. However, you need roof replacement very soon.


If your roof is older than 20 years, except it is a metal roof, you need to plan for a replacement as soon as possible. Roofing materials come in different strengths and life expectancy. However, if your roof has reached its life expectancy or outlived it, invite a roofing company for a quote for a roof replacement before the damage escalates.

3.Mold and Moss Growth

Moisture is necessary for mold and moss to grow. As a result, when water seeps through your roof, the attic becomes the perfect place for mold and moss to grow. If you see mold and moss in your attic, your roof’s integrity has been compromised; plan for a roof replacement soon because of the health consequences of mold in your home.

4.Clogged Gutters

It is recommended that roof gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. However, if your gutters become clogged frequently, you should check the content of the debris clogging your gutters. If you find shingles granules in the debris, that shows that your roof has started to deteriorate. You need a roof replacement soon.

5.Sagging Roof

If you find your roof drooping or sagging, it indicates structural damage, and your roof does not have adequate support any longer. You may invite an experienced roofer for a detailed inspection. In the end, you may need a new roof.


The above warning signs prompt you that your home needs a roof replacement to avoid the problems that a failed roof brings.