5 tips for keeping the workplace dust free and pest free

5 tips for keeping the workplace dust free and pest free

With employees, clients, and visitors coming to the office, there will unavoidably be dust and pests in the office, if a strict cleaning routine is not followed. How dust gathers in the office is incredible, but mostly caused by the outer world pollution, dust, pollens, dead skin cells, and largely by human transfer into the workplace. While you cannot stop dust from entering the workplace, you can clean it and make the office sparkling.

Here are five tips for keeping the workplace dust free and pest free:

1.Create a Cleaning Routine

The first step to make the workplace clean is to create a cleaning routine that everyone in the office will follow. This plan must include daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks. From cleaning the desk, computers, keyboards, desktop phones, etc. to regular emptying of bins, there should be some guidelines to be adhered to.

2.Regular Floor and Carpet Cleaning

With people coming into the office, there will be dust and grime on the floor and carpets over time. In view of this, you should have a cleaning plan in place. Vacuum the floors and carpets regularly to remove dust and bacteria. Mop the floors with industrial cleaning supplies to be sparkling clean.

3.Restrict Eating to the Pantry

Eating in the workplace will undoubtedly leave crumbs in the area and this will attract ants, mice, and other small pests lurking around. However, you can prevent this occurrence by prohibiting food consumption in the workplace but the panty where it will be easier to clean. This will make the workplace pest-free.

4.Boost Air Quality

It is essential that you increase the quality of air that enters the workplace. Ensure that the air filters and air ducts of the office air conditioner are cleaned regularly. Also, keep the AC’s vents clean always. Besides, you can install a purifier and humidifier to keep the airflow clean and breathable. Throwing open all the windows for natural, fresh air once in a while will also improve the air quality and prevent dust accumulation in the office.

5.Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Letting the professional cleaning company deep clean the workplace on a monthly basis at least, depending on the level of the traffic to your office, will help keep your office dust and pest-free. The company will use high-grade industrial cleaning supplies to clean dust, grime, and keep pests away from the office.


Remember, a cleaner workplace is crucial to boosting employees’ morales, increasing productivity, and creating an incredible first-time impression on the visitors. Therefore, provide adequate industrial cleaning supplies and follow the tips above to make your office dust and pest-free.