5 Steps To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Camcorder

5 Steps To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Camcorder

Most of the time we want to save memories from the special moments in life, and one of the best ways of doing that is with video. People love to record our family barbecue on Sunday, or just engrave in our minds a great weekend we had with our friends.

For bigger events like conferences, you most likely would need to hire a professional videographer service. However, we listed some tips that can help you improve your video experience recorded by a smartphone:

1. Choose a smartphone

First of all, you need a smartphone in order to film videos with it.  In the past few years, smartphones have been equipped with high-quality cameras that look professional, and their sensors can capture professional-looking videos if used correctly.  The market for smartphones is at an all-time high, due to new models being released frequently, and their already low cost is dropping. In addition, the most popular apps are now available for multiple platforms, which means you can use professional editing software on your smartphone regardless of what kind of smartphone you own.

2. Get a tripod stand

You need a tripod stand in order to properly place your smartphone when filming videos. You need the smartphone to be at eye level, and you can’t achieve this by just holding your phone in your hand, since it will look like an amateur video. Having the camera at eye level will make professional videos much easier to film, professional-looking professional results.

3. Ensure that lighting is correct

In order to film professional-quality videos with your smartphone is ensure that there is good lighting. If you plan on filming during daytime hours (which is recommended), then simply making sure that there are no shadows on either side of your face causes professional-looking video without much effort. You don’t even need fancy or expensive equipment; you can use ambient lighting through windows if none of the other options are available to you.

4. Download professional editing software

There are many professional videographers in all price ranges that offer professional editing services, but the best thing about smartphone video is that there are even free video editing tools options. Apps like iMovie and Filmic Pro allow users to edit high-quality videos on their smartphones, which already contain everything you need to create good footage.

5. Practice makes perfect

The final step professional smartphone video makers should take is to practice. This means taking videos, sharing them with friends and family, and learning from their feedback. The more quality videos you take, the better you will be at filming them, which is just one reason that smartphone videographers are becoming so popular.

Those are just some tips & ideas to allow you to film and edit good quality videos within a budget. However, a professional videographer would solve all your problems, even more, when it’s for an important event such as a wedding.