5 Key Features Found in Most Energy Efficient Homes

5 Key Features Found in Most Energy Efficient Homes

An energy-efficient home is the dream of all and sundry. The benefits of making homes energy-efficient cannot be overemphasized. The planet earth, humans, and nations will benefit hugely from ensuring that all homes are energy-efficient, whether they are new or older homes.

However, energy-efficient homes have certain features in common. So, if you are thinking of making your home energy-efficient, the following features are what you need to work towards. Below are the key features found in most energy-efficient homes.

1. Home Insulation

The first feature that is evident in most energy-efficient homes is the insulation of the entire building. Home insulation helps to reduce the cost of heating and cooling the house because all possible areas that could jeopardize the energy efficiency of the building must have been fixed.

The frames of the windows and doors will be properly sealed, caulked, and plugged. The cracks in the windows and doors will be sealed. Rubber weather stripping will be installed in the frames of windows and doors for the utmost efficiency. All essential areas will be correctly insulated to prevent loss of warmth or cooling in the home.

2. Energy Efficient Lighting

Most energy-efficient homes use energy-efficient lighting to reduce the amount of energy required to illuminate the homes. All incandescent bulbs are replaced with energy-efficient CFLs and LED lighting, which is capable of reducing energy usage in the house by up to 75 percent.

Meanwhile, it is good to know that the cost of upgrading the lighting of a home to energy-efficient lighting will be recouped from money saved on energy bills.

3. Efficient Water Heater

Another feature you can find in most energy-efficient homes is an efficient water heater. All homes require hot water, but using the water heater that uses a lot of energy can cause a hole in the wallet. So, upgrade your water heater to modern energy-efficient models.

4. Windows and Doors Replacement

To achieve an energy-efficient home, there is a need to have windows and doors that are structurally sound and energy-efficient. All worn and broken windows and doors will be replaced to guarantee total energy efficiency in the home. Remember that windows and doors are one of the most significant causes of poor energy efficiency homes. Therefore, replace them.

5. Energy Star Appliances

If you enter any of the energy-efficient homes, you will discover that all the appliances there are energy-efficient. Starting from the HVAC system to water heaters, washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc. Besides, you will find out that there is a programmable thermostat in the home.

It is not impossible to make your home energy-efficient; start by replacing your windows and doors. Gradually, you will complete the project without breaking the bank.

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