5 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends

5 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends

Hanging out is such a vague term that can mean almost anything, to some, it can be as simple as catching a movie with the gang and grabbing a bite after, while to others it may be more specific like hiking up a popular trail. You and your friends may be an active bunch and categorize fun as the latter, or be calmer and take the former as your definition. Whichever category you belong, check out these five fun things you can do with your friends.

1. Decorate With Little Flower Pots

Get crafty with your friends and pick up supplies at the flower shop near your home. Make a variety selection of flowers and plants for your houses and head back to plant them while hanging out with some refreshment. At the end of the day, exchange the pots with each other. This is a great memory-making moment because months later, visiting each other, you can see the flowers growing and reminisce.

2. Check Out New Stores

Step out of the house and have fun by going on a store-tour. Check out your favorite stores, restaurants and coffee shops, as well as new places you’ve all been wanting to try out (as many as time and your budget will allow). You can take pictures on your adventure and create a memory wall of them much later. The store-tour helps you talk more with your friends and get to know the latest about them without imposing.

3. Go to Escape Rooms

For a more fast-paced fun day, you can schedule a trip for an escape room experience. Laugh out loud with your friends while trying to solve the random puzzles and literally, escape the room. It is a great bonding experience and you can grab drinks with your friends afterward, or catch a late-night movie then have dinner together.

4. Explore Random Cities

Take a weekend off and go on a road trip to random cities around you. To make it more fun, you can set out a map and throw dice on it, wherever the largest number facing up die lands is where you head to next. Be sure to have an adventurous time and look out for one another, but above all have fun!

5. Themed Party

Every time is a great time to throw a party, better yet a themed party! You can use the day, or two, for the planning and getting supplies, send out invites to your mutual friends (invite them to bring plus ones) and spend the evening partying!

The most important thing is to make sure you have a good time and make amazing memories!

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