5 Do's And Don'ts For Avoiding Germs At Restaurants

5 Do’s And Don’ts For Avoiding Germs At Restaurants

Restaurant dining can be a wonderful experience, however, it also comes with the possibility of getting sick. Although food is prepared to kill most germs, it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible for bacteria to survive and make their way onto your plate. Even the cleanest places such as Mexican, Mediterranean or Italian restaurants cannot ensure they are 100% germ-free. However, it is easy to reduce the chances of contracting an illness through some simple precautions at both sit-down and fast-food eateries.

Do #1: Wash Your Hands – Especially When Leaving The Restroom

Just before entering or leaving a restroom in any restaurant, it is important that you wash your hands with soap and water. A majority of germs are transmitted via the hands, so it is important to clean them before eating or after using the restroom.

Do #2: Use A Clean Towel Or Paper-Towel To Open The Door

It is advisable to use a clean towel or paper towel to open the door of the restaurant. Simply touching the doorknob can transfer germs from your hands to it which could cause contamination in other areas.

Do #3: Say No To Ice In Your Drink Unless It Is In A Sealed Container

Many restaurants will add ice cubes when serving drinks, but it is often made from tap water and it has come into contact with many people’s hands. This means it can be a major source of illness if they aren’t kept in a sealed container after being made.

Do #4: Skip The Soup Unless It Is Boiling Hot

Soup is usually served lukewarm which means it could potentially contain bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. If it tastes great, it’s unlikely it will cause you to become ill but it is still best to skip it altogether if it isn’t piping hot.

Don’t #1: Order Food That Is Not Properly Cooked

Most food poisoning cases result from eating undercooked meats that have not been cooked at a high enough temperature or for long enough. This can cause your kidneys and digestive system to become upset as it works to kill the harmful toxins present in it before it enters your stomach. Foods such as sushi, medium-rare steak, and even egg yolks should be avoided if you’re looking to avoid an unplanned trip to the bathroom!

Don’t #2: Share Utensils Or Food Between People If You Don’t Know Their History

If it is a first date, it is probably best to steer clear of food sharing as it could result in the transfer of bacteria from their mouth to yours. This can cause major illness and quite possibly ruin any future dates you have!

Don’t #3: Eat Food That Has Been Sitting Out For A Long Time Without Being Refrigerated Or Covered

Food that has been left out for a prolonged period of time without being refrigerated or properly covered poses a big risk for anyone who eats it. It is important it goes straight into the fridge after purchase if it will not be eaten immediately.

Don’t #4: Order Food That Comes In Contact With The Kitchen Surface

It might look appetizing but it is best to avoid anything like this. Anything that comes into contact with the kitchen worktop such as chips, toast and burgers should be avoided due to them coming into contact with harmful bacteria. The same goes for bread rolls that are not kept in a fridge until it is time to be used – it could contain spores of the bacteria that cause it which then spreads it through the air.

These tips will help you stay healthy and stop you from becoming ill if you’re out at a restaurant or cafĂ©!