5 Creative Variations On The Classic Drink Negroni

5 Creative Variations On The Classic Drink Negroni

The Negroni is a popular drink. This one comes close to being perfect for many cocktail connoisseurs. You can get yours in whatever variation from after hours alcohol delivery.

One of the things that makes a Negroni appealing is how easy it is to make. It’s a mix of gin, Sweet Vermouth, and Campari, in equal amounts. Even though that is a fantastic combo, when you consider adding a little variety to the regular, it gets even better.

We’ll always love our classic Negronis, but these twists are interesting to try and excellent on their own.

1. Negroni with Peach

Typically, Peach Negroni comprises gin, dry vermouth, Aperol, peach, and bergamot. It’s a delightful summer twist on a classic cocktail, well balanced and surprisingly smooth for such a boozy concoction.

2. Un Altro Negroni

This is a complex mix of Sipsmith Gin, Antica Formula, and Campari.  With Un Altro Negroni, the presentation is everything, and it’s what makes it a whole experience. The orange chunk also adds to the Negroni’s overall citrus aromas.

3. Bacio Amaro

This twist on the Negroni uses tequila instead of gin. It’s made with tequila instead of gin. Casa Noble Tequila is a fantastic choice since it is a well-balanced tequila with undertones of citrus that complements the rest of the cocktail’s ingredients. You can also opt for a bittersweet Moscato-based aperitif.

4. Empress Negroni Sbagliato

This drink is made with Empress Gin, Dry Vermouth, Luxardo, Champagne, and a grapefruit twist. Sbagliato is an Italian word that implies ‘bungled,’ ‘broken,’ or mistaken.’ This Negroni is topped with Champagne to “honor the beauty of the broken, and the mistakes that shape who we are, as well as the ‘bungled’ character of a life well-lived.

5. Negroni Blanco

This variant on the classic Negroni is swirled and served in a coupe or martini glass with an orange twist. It’s made with Vermut Seco, High Desert Gin, Vara Orange Liquor, Vermut Dulce, and homemade orange bitters. The Vara Negroni Blanco has all of the flavor qualities of a traditional white Negroni, but with a lighter Spanish-inspired twist. Perfect for the summer. The Vara vermouths and orange liqueur aren’t usual mixers; in fact, they’re all delicious on their own as sippers, with a nice herbaceous finish.

Finally, you can find some of these creative variations of the classic Negroni in restaurants or after hours alcohol delivery.